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04 - Serving WML contents
Re-using the code and technology from the wired web in the wireless environment. PHP, ASP, Perl, Java Servlets, etc.

4.1 What do I need to serve WML contents to a WAP device?
4.2 What's with the HTTP server MIME types?
4.3 How can I use PHP to make WML contents more dynamic?
4.4 Can you show me some examples serving WAP via PHP?
4.5 How do I prevent a WML deck from being read from the cache?
4.6 How can I tell HTML browsers from WML browsers?
4.7 How do I read data from the WAP device (telephone number etc)?
4.8 Why is the HTTP User Agent string different with the Openwave.com gateway?
4.9 Is it possible to localize text in the browser?
4.10 How do I prevent variables from being stored in the cache?
4.11 How to I access a database from WML?
4.12 How can I control caching when nothing else works?
4.13 How can I use ASP to make WML contents more dynamic?
4.14 How do I pass a variable from WML to ASP?
4.15 Is there a list of other useful stuff for serving WML contents?
4.16 How do I use XSL with WML and WAP?
4.17 How can I use Perl to make WML contents more dynamic?
4.18 What is PUSHing and how does it work?

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