Openlot Systems

01 - General
Definitions of terms and advice on getting started. If you're new to wireless technology, you should start here.

1.1 In short, what is WAP?
1.2 In short, what is WML?
1.3 How long will WAP last?
1.4 Why use WML when you can use HTML?
1.5 What is a good service for the mobile internet?
1.6 In short, what is WMLScript?
1.7 What is a WML deck of cards?
1.8 How do I start writing WAP applications?
1.9 How does a WAP device connect to the internet?
1.10 Is there a glossary of wireless technology expressions?
1.11 Can you recommend any good WAP service providers?
1.12 Is there a list of some great WAP applications?
1.13 Can you show me some simple example code?
1.14 What is the Open Usability Interface (OUI) ?
1.15 We already have a WEB site, how do we get a WAP site?
1.16 We already have a HDML site, how do we get a WAP site?

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