7.19 What is WML Extension "Mobile-Originated Prefetch" (<link> tag)?

The <link> element instructs the browser to preload the next deck from the application server before the user selects the link to it. In most cases the deck is already loaded in the browser cache before the user selects the link, so that the deck is presented to the user immediately, with no perceived network latency.

The <link> element should be used only when there is a strong probability that the user will instruct the browser to load the associated URL. The down side to using mobile-originated pre-fetch is that if the user backs up and never selects the link, the download is wasted.


    <!-- Pre-fetch the next page -->
    <link href="story1b.wml" rel="next"/>
  <card title="News Service">
    <!-- Skip and Done soft keys -->
    <do type="accept" label="Skip">
      <go href="story2a.wml"/>
    <do type="options" label="Done">
      Tech Stocks Rise Again
      <!-- Link to next page at the bottom of -->
      <!-- this page -->
      <a href="story1b.wml" title="More">More...</a>
      <a href="story2a.wml" title="Skip">Skip</a>
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