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3.4 I'd like to set up my own WAP operator service, what do I do?

If you are unhappy with the type of access you get from your mobile operator, if you want to give your company's users access to intranet WAP services, if you want a separate system to develop your WAP services on, or if you just want to play around, setting up your own WAP device dialup service is quite simple.

There are many solutions available on the market, from the high-end boxed Cisco Access Servers (AS5200), to the low-end and much cheaper software based solutions from Microsoft, NT Remote Access Service, and Novell's Netware Connect.

It would take a lot of work explaining how to configure all these different systems in this FAQ, and after all this is not really related to WAP. A WAP device after all gets IP just like your home computer via the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).

Chances are that you already have access to a machine with Microsoft NT 4.0 and some kind of analogue modem capable of 9600 bits/second or more, so for a very simple and straight forward explanation of how to set it up, have a look at "Configuring your NT server to accept remote connections"

You should have no problems setting it up on other systems either. Just remember that if you can dial in with say the Windows98 Dialup-Networking, you can almost certainly dial in with a WAP device as well.

This takes care of the WAP devices' access to IP. Now you need to set up your own internal WAP gateway and a HTTP server, or you could just use any publicly available WAP gateway and HTTP server.

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