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3.3 Can I "surf" WAP sites without using a real WAP device?

Yes, WML contents can be read by any micro browser or User Agent. The best way of reading WML content would probably be to use one of the many WAP device emulators available, because the contents are written for real WAP devices, but these are heavy applications and some of the require installation of additional components such as Java Runtime.

Here's a list of some browsers, emulators and related things. Note that they are in no particular order.

Browser nameEnvironmentDescription
WAPJAG.DEInternet ExplorerWeb based browser. Good for surfing.
YospaceWindows/MacOS/Solaris/UNIX/LinuxSmartPhone Emulator
WinWAPWindows9x/NTSimple browser. Good for application testing during development.
WapalizerInternet Explorer/NetscapeSimple browser. Good for application testing during development.
FetchpageAny HTML browserNot really a browser, but useful for developers. Displays HTTP header info.
Nokia WAP Toolkit 1.3 BetaWindows9x/NT+JavaPreferred developers kit of many developers. You MUST register first!
Nokia WAP Toolkit 1.2Windows9x/NT+JavaPreferred developers kit of many developers. You MUST register first!
Openwave UP.SDKWindows 9x/NTUP.Browser SDK (4.0 and 3.2)
Ericsson R380 EmulatorWindows NT 4.0Ericsson's R380 Emulator.
Nokia SDK 2.18Windows9x/NTGood development kit and a good 7110 emulator. Again the preferred choice of many developers.
Wappy's WapviewInternet Explorer/NetscapeSimple browser based WML viewer
wmlbrowsera Firefox extensionAllows to view WML pages directly in the Firefox browser.
Opera 4.0Standalone kick-ass browserThe Norwegians do it again. This is a kick-ass HTML browser, now with WML support
EzWAPWindows NT, 2000, CE and Pocket PCNice looking "multi"-platform browser. Only $25 USD. Demo available.
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