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3.1 How do I access WML pages?

The easiest way to access WML pages, or cards, is to go through an existing gateway. Most cellular providers will have this functionality on their WAP home page which you access through the WAP device. The gateway link is commonly called "Go to URL". When selected, the WAP device will access the URL you specify through normal IP via the gateway. In this case, it is the gateway that reads the WML contents for you and passes it on to your WAP device. The contents are ready the same way a PC based browser reads them.

Some operators have chosen not to allow their users access to other sites than their own. This could be compared to an Internet Service Provider only allowing its users access to the ISP's own sites. Such a policy shows a clear lack of brains, and any such operator will find that customers will go elsewhere.

If you're stuck with such an operator, it is possible to get around this by connecting to the internet via a local ISP's dial up service and use a public gateway to access WAP resources. An e-mail explaining the error to the operator in question could probably also help.

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